meet us

Canterbury Designs began in spring of 2012, room 3051 of Pritchard Hall to be exact. We were not roommates at the time, but we might as well have been. Each day we would haul our baskets and bins of supplies from room to room (only a minute walk, but the stairs were killer!), and sprawl out our fabrics on the square rug, color-coding them in order to create designs that we loved. We soon discovered that others loved them too.

Now a year later there is no more hauling of baskets and bins. As we sit on our couch full of decorative pillows, we reminisce about our dorm days, before we moved into our cozy townhouse on Canterbury Court—oh how they seem so long ago. But they weren’t. And now we realize how much Canterbury has grown and developed and matured into what it is today. Thanks to YOU for making it all possible!

Not only do we get to be business partners (which is awesome!) but we are best friends as well. When in life do you get to spend time with friends both in and out of business?! Thank you, college. And in both business and out we love each other, encourage each other, and teach each other. In turn, it allows us to love others, encourage others, and teach others…..together!

When we first began Canterbury Designs, we would write in blue on the back of each headband (before we realized how easily it smudges):
            “Always be joyful.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16

We are learning every day to be more joyful, to sit back and enjoy the small things that we have come to love so much: roadtrips, impromptu trips to Wal-Mart, going to the post office, stamps, making paninis, photoshoots with mismatched outfits, putting our feet up after a long day, pretending like we know what we are doing when working out, mason jars, dancing in aprons, blankets, burlap, gnocchi, down to earth people, journals,  worn down buildings and doors, stopping the car to take a picture, drinking coke out of the bottle, ballet flats, babies, lace, pinterest, saying yes, hiking,  mod podge, hokies, being goofy, coffee shops, our hometowns, rain, watching movies, talking about our dreams and living out our dreams, doing absolutely nothing, investing in people, gift giving, the look of a book, learning about and loving Jesus.

Canterbury love,
Christie and Lauren