Thursday, June 16, 2011

update this week (and new info)

here's this weeks update! two card sets, some hair flowers, and a necklace. also this week, lauren visited williamsburg overnight for work. guess how much we got done? just guess? ...about 40 baggies. (you're probably thinking, what in the world are baggies?) well, a little inside info about canterbury designs. we have baggies with the name of our lovely customers on each of them. then we fill the bags with the supplies needed to make what they ordered! and we made 40 of them! many of them are for our stock up  for etsy. let me tell you, they are cah-ute! new designs. new styles. new fabrics. 

also, PLEASE READ: we will be not be working on custom orders from june 22nd- july 1st in order to stock up more for etsy. as some of you know, you have to have products made and photographed to sell on etsy. so by july 1st, we will have a very full etsy account for everyone to enjoy. we are so sorry for the inconvenience this does for anyone, but we will be back up and running after july 1st. muchas gracias. :)


christie and lauren

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