Tuesday, August 23, 2011

stretchies to nicaragua

hey everyone! we're back from our short little vacay. christie and i are all moved into school and are excited to get working full force now that we're living together. get ready for some exciting news within the next few weeks!

here's a little something of what happened while we were MIA on the blog. my sister, jenna, went to nicaragua last week with our church and of COURSE we wanted to send headbands with her! take a look at these precious nicaraguans sporting our stretchies.

thank you jenna for giving them out! and thank you sarah for these pictures! :)


christie and lauren


  1. i lub it
    <3 your sister,

  2. Canterbury Love touches Nica! Way to go, ladies! I know these young ladies enjoyed their gifts! Blessings to you, sweet girls!

  3. Christie and Lauren, just wanted to say I think it is so wonderful what you two are doing and I LOVE the fact that you would reach out to the girls and ladies of Nicaragua with your beautiful headbands. What a treat for them and they look so happy and pretty in these pictures. Hope you both are having a great first week of classes and I know Beanie is so happy being there with her buddies. Hope to see you all soon.
    Beanie's Aunt Deb