Friday, February 3, 2012

first life episode: attempt to workout

as promised in a post before, we will be sharing more of our lives with you with the hope of giving you a bigger picture about what happens over here on Canterbury Ct.

this february, Christie and i made a work out schedule. we want to get in shape. we're not looking to lose weight...just be fit and healthy. so a few days ago, we sat down on our computers in a study lounge on campus. we made ourselves a calendar and filled out our workouts for sundays-thursdays.

  • sundays: just running. working ourselves up to 3 miles by the end of the month.
  • mondays and wednesdays: running, stair climber, and abs. (oh yes, almost forgot to mention the planks during the bachelor, revenge, and modern family)
  • tuesdays and thursdays: p90x ab ripper and planks during our favorite show parenthood
does that look easy? i don't know. i thought it did at first. but today, i feel a little beat up. like the kind of beating that you would get trying to play flag football, but you don't really know how to play?! you know?! 

so anyways, p90x is hard. and kind of boring. on tuesday Christie ordered a different workout dvd. she typed in "best workout dvd" in the search bar of and what do you know? the first choice was 97 cents. sketchy? yea. we thought so too, but we bought it anyway. it came in the mail yesterday. 

we moved the coffee table to give us more room in the den and popped in Amy Bento's Hi/Lo Extreme (anyone ever heard of her? yep, us either).  4 options: quick workout, good workout, great workout and all body pump. quick workout it is! ......44 minutes? we'll try it. 

*running around in the den
*jumping up and down
*spinning around bumping into each other
*great vine....or is it grape vine?

laughing so much that we were crying, we turned it off. then we turned on p90x and stopped laughing. 

here are some pictures that we documented from our afternoon. 


christie and lauren

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