Tuesday, March 20, 2012

we're back!

hello. everyone.

it seems as though that we have been a little....dead.... for the past few weeks. we weren't! lots and lots and lots has happened. well first we have been buried in school work. i (lauren) had to design a kiosk to go in front of the metropolitan museum of art (hypothetically, i did not actually design it to go there! just a studio project!). now i am working on a coffee shop in seattle, washington! it's very exciting...to me! i had an amazing spring break. i went skiing at my grandparents house and failed miserably, but it was still fun. i'm pretty sure that by the end of my time skiing i could go a whole 5 minutes without wiping out.

among lots of school work, christie has spent her time traveling. she went to nicaragua with virginia tech's nicaraguan orphan fund and had an amazing time. she had the privilege of spending time with a little girl that she had met in nicaragua last year.  picture below! she also went to charleston, south carolina to visit her friend caroline! she came back telling me that we HAD to go sometime soon...i would really like to. definitely.


christie and lauren

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