Tuesday, May 17, 2011

we love mini barns + reunions

we have been hard at work making headbands, learning more about photoshop (thank you tracey!), planning for the future of canterbury, shopping...just kidding...we didn't shop...that much. we couldn't help it! j. crew had 40% off all clearance at their outlet. we had to take advantage of THAT!

this past weekend a few of our friends all got together in williamsburg to catch up after what feels like an eternity (2 weeks?). shopping. sun bathing. dock jumping. celebrity game playing. all done with major classyness. funny story (which will be told in both 1st person and 3rd person, just for some clarification): in the car on the way to anna's beautiful house, christie was driving and lauren was in the passenger seat. we wanted to get some canterbury work finished, so we decided to work while we were in the car. lauren started pulling fabrics out and placing them everywhere to choose for the next headband. christie was looking at mainly the fabrics....let's just say that it's not the best idea to be doing that in the car. there should be a warning label on all fabrics that reads: WARNING-pretty fabrics can be distracting to drivers...

update from canterburyland: we will be revamping products/websites/pictures to move our company in a more mature direction. we are both VERY excited about this, but in the mean time we ask you to be a little patient. both of us have lives, and though we love canterbury (and are very thankful for it), major improvements take time. we hope that you are as excited as we are and that you will follow us as we take this new journey :)

the new book christie bought at an art show that will be used to
hold all of canterbury's ideas, sketches, and secrets :)


christie and lauren

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  1. love this post. what a fun day we had :) i'm so proud of you girls and i'm loving all the new creations!