Monday, May 2, 2011

weekend of good fellowship/new crafts

this weekend, we had an awesome time hanging out with our friends kristina and kelsey.

kristina came this weekend to visit and spend time with all of her friends here at virginia tech. some of the things we did: surprised erin for her birthday, saw water for elephants (highly recommend that movie. it's the new notebook.), and made necklaces. these aren't just any necklaces though...look how freaking cute they are! kristina is so beautiful and super talented. we had a lot fun and we love you so much. wanna know something really cool about kristina? she is so thoughtful. and selfless. and overly generous.  

sunday afternoon was spent relaxing, talking and journal making with kelsey. kelsey is one of our friends who is ordering hair flowers for her wedding this august and she is going to be a b-e-a-utiful bride. she invited us over to teach us how to make journals. she is quite the pro. for herself alone, she must have made...i don't 30! and she has taught many other friends, church members and girls from cru (campus crusade for christ). one of our favorite things about hanging out with her was hearing the story of her and her fiance. it's crazy. you'll have to hear her tell it. we want a story like that. but we know that God has a plan for everyone of us. he's written everyone their own story (even though we realllllly like hers).

spending this weekend with these two sisters in Christ was nothing short of amazing. we couldn't have had a better weekend!

christie and lauren

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